Kinetic Shift

Kinetic Shift (KS) is a method developed by Karl Smith of the UK Hypnosis Academy (UKHA). A former soldier and police officer who has direct experience of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and decided to do something about it. He trained as a hypnotherapist and then developed a particular therapy called Kinetic Shift. He is the author of  There is No ‘D’ in PTSD – trauma in the uniformed and emergency services and is shortly to publish a book on Kinetic Shift.

KS has been taught in over 16 countries in 18 months and there are around 450 Kinetic Shift Practitioners globally (as of May 2018)

Kinetic Shift is an energy based, intuitive and rapid method of helping people. What makes it different to many other techniques out there is not only it’s speed, but that it combines several different techniques in order to create a really effective and flexible way of bringing about a change, or shift for someone. It uses methodologies such as energy work, Eye Move IT Technique (EMIT), Anchoring, Submodalities, a TON of intuition and more!

Kinetic Shift is content free – the Practitioner doesn’t need to know the problem …. in fact the client doesn’t need to know either. It’s an active, intuitive, dynamic and energising technique that delivers astounding results, FAST!

Alison is a UKHA Kinetic Shift Practitioner. This therapy has been widely used for staff in the army, emergency services, & NHS, where trauma & stress are a daily occurrence & works exceptionally well for anybody suffering from trauma & post traumatic stress.

Private consultations strictly confidential.