Diamond Light Activations

I received my first diamond ray download directly from source in the summer of 1999 – After working with some clients, I was doing 8 hours a day of intense healing sessions – I felt like I’d been hit by a bolt of lightning ! I closed my eyes and could feel the energy and see the brilliant light rising up through my body.  I couldn’t stop it,  I had no idea what was happening & momentarily felt afraid, a friend who was with me talked me through it, & simply held my feet to the ground while I allowed this Luminous Energy to rise up through my body and out the top of my head again, It completely floored me , and I lay on the cool floor allowing these sensations to pass.

Looking back, this was my first introduction to The Diamond Light Codes, I’d been struck by the Diamond Ray of Light! After nearly 20 years working with this energy I have created my own healing modality, teaching others to open up gently through meditation to receive this Luminous Ray of Source Light into their lives, helping to rapidly clear karma and change lives for the better, and to transmit this Diamond Ray energy to others.

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